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The History of Houston Rockets Basketball

The Rockets, a beacon of pride and resilience for the city of Houston, have carved their name into the annals of basketball history. Established in 1967 in San Diego, they relocated to Texas in 1971, embarking on a journey that would see them transform into one of the NBA's most formidable franchises.

The early years were marked by a struggle for consistency. Despite drafting future Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes, the organization found success elusive, often finishing at the bottom of the standings. However, the arrival of Moses Malone in 1976 marked a turning point. Malone, a two-time NBA MVP, led the team to their first playoff appearance in 1977, igniting a spark that would soon become a fiery drive to repeat their achievement.

The 1980s and 1990s saw the Rockets' rise to prominence. Led by Hakeem Olajuwon, another Hall of Famer, they captured back-to-back NBA championships in 1994 and 1995, cementing their place among basketball's elite. Olajuwon's dominance under the basket, coupled with the sharpshooting of players like Kenny Smith and Vernon Maxwell, created an unstoppable force that captivated crowds and struck fear into the hearts of opponents.

At the turn of the 21st century, the Rockets entered a period of rebuilding. Despite drafting Yao Ming, the team struggled to regain their championship form. However, the arrival of James Harden in 2012 marked the beginning of a new era. Harden's electrifying offensive skills and leadership transformed the club into a contender once again.

Today, the squad stands as a symbol of Houston's grit and resilience. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, they have consistently demonstrated their ability to adapt and overcome. With a renewed commitment to excellence and a passionate fan base behind them, the players are poised to write new chapters in their illustrious history. Be a part of the excitement. Witness the future of Bayou City basketball by securing your Rockets tickets at

The Rockets Basketball Schedule

Before you can head to the arena, you'll need to decide which games to see. GoTickets provides up-to-date NBA schedules, so you won't need to go far to view the docket. The difficult part is choosing the opponents. There are so many great rivals to choose from! 

Houston has a long and storied history with the San Antonio Spurs. This intrastate rivalry dates back to the late 1970s. And the teams have met in the playoffs numerous times since. In the 1995 Western Conference Finals, following the defeat of the Spurs in a hard-fought series, the Rockets captured the NBA championship. This victory solidified their dominance and set the stage for years of intense competition. The battle is still ongoing, and who knows how the war will end!

Another notable rival of the Houston Rockets is the Dallas Mavericks. Of course, the close proximity plays a role. With both clubs in the Southwest Division, there’s bound to be beef between them. During the 2007 NBA Playoffs, the Mavericks defeated the Rockets in a thrilling first-round series, ending Houston’s playoff hopes. The score is yet to be settled.

Along with the Spurs and Mavericks, the Rockets have interesting meetings with Memphis dating back to the early days of the Grit-and-Grind Grizzlies. Their games are always physical, and the fans of both franchises always bring a lot of passion to the arena.

Ready for Your Rockets Game?

From the moment you step into the Toyota Center, you can feel the energy pulsating through the air. The anticipation is palpable as people from all walks of life converge to witness the spectacle of professional basketball. The air is thick with the scent of popcorn and pretzels, and the sounds of laughter and chatter fill the arena.

As you make your way to your seat, you can't help but be impressed by the sheer scale and grandeur of the arena. The towering LED screens above broadcast live footage, and the colorful lights create a vibrant atmosphere.

The lights dim, and the crowd erupts as the team is introduced. The building seems to shake with the thunderous applause, as each star makes his way to the bench.  Clutch, the mascot, puts on a show for some children in the stands, and the Clutch City Dancers start to entertain on the sidelines.

Once the game gets underway, players battle for every rebound, steal, and point. The fans cheer wildly for their beloved Rockets, their chants echoing through the arena, creating a cacophony of sound that is both thrilling and deafening.

Whether you're a seasoned basketball fan or a casual observer, there's no denying that attending a live NBA game is unforgettable. The combination of the high-octane action and camaraderie makes it an event that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Create your perfect experience in Houston! Grab Rockets tickets today.