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About Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson began his academic career at Harvard University as a researcher and educator in the psychology department before returning to Canada to serve as a professor at the University of Toronto. His studies examine the interplay between people’s core belief systems and the human experience, and he has authored or co-authored more than a hundred academic papers. 

With a reputation for rigorous insights into the human condition, he rose to public prominence through his popular lectures and YouTube videos, where he critiques political correctness and explores the importance of individual responsibility. His best-selling book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, cemented his status as a leading but often controversial independent thinker. 

Despite facing intense criticism, he has continued to influence public discourse through his writing, public speaking, and media appearances, sparking important discussions on personal development, cultural issues, and the nature of truth. Peterson’s thought leadership exemplifies the powerful role that individuals can play in shaping widespread societal values

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

With its global following, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's podcast has become a significant platform for contemporary discourse. It offers a deep dive into the realms of psychology, philosophy, and personal development. Peterson has engaged in conversations with a diverse array of guests ranging from celebrities to scientists, including the following: 

Dr. Peterson’s Past Appearances

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's public appearances amplify his influence and reach, allowing him to participate in meaningful but often challenging conversations, welcoming his expertise and perspectives on a variety of topics. His articulate and thought-provoking insights have captivated diverse audiences during these engagements: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Jordan B. Peterson tour?

Dr. Jordan Peterson tours to promote his books and share his research findings. Check available dates at, and get tickets to hear his theories on psychology and our culture at a venue near you!

Where can I buy Dr. Jordan Peterson tickets?

GoTickets offers listings from verified sellers on an intuitive platform that makes it simple to get the Jordan Peterson tickets you want. Every secure sale is backed by a comprehensive buyer guarantee.

How much are Dr. Jordan Peterson tickets?

The cost of Jordan Peterson tickets depends on multiple factors, including the date, time, location, venue, and topics. Explore current pricing at, where every purchase is protected.

Are Dr. Jordan Peterson tickets sold out?

Even if a Jordan Peterson public speaking event has been classified somewhere as “sold out,” you can often find tickets at, where trusted sellers list authentic seats. Search today!