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About George Straight

Born in Poteet, Texas, in 1952, George Strait grew up surrounded by country music, a genre that would shape his life and career. His smooth baritone voice, traditional style, and captivating stage presence helped him rise to prominence in the 1980s, and he has become one of the most popular, decorated, and influential artists of all time.

His success is rooted in his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. His songs often tell stories of love, loss, and everyday life, themes that resonate with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. His music is characterized by its simplicity, authenticity, and genuine emotion. 

Strait has earned numerous accolades, including more Academy of Country Music Awards than any other male solo artist and more Country Music Association Awards than anyone in history. He even has a Grammy, and in 2000, he was deservedly inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Beyond his musical achievements, Strait is also known for his humility, kindness, and adoration for his fans. He has maintained a strong connection with his Texas roots and has remained true to his authentic self throughout his career.

George Strait is a true icon, a musician who has captured the hearts of millions with his timeless melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and down-to-earth personality. His legacy will continue to inspire generations, ensuring that his music remains an enduring part of American culture.

10 Songs Often Found on George Strait's Setlist

  1. The Fireman

  2. I Can Still Make Cheyenne

  3. Ocean Front Property

  4. Unwound

  5. Check Yes or No

  6. Give It Away

  7. The Cowboy Rides Away

  8. Amarillo by Morning

  9. The Chair

  10. Troubadour

George Strait’s Collaborations

Strait has worked with some of the biggest names in country music, showcasing his versatility and willingness to explore different musical styles. Some of his most notable collaborations include the following: 

  • Alan Jackson (2000): "Murder on Music Row" is a hard-hitting song about the dark side of the music industry, and it was a departure from Strait's usual smooth sound. The duet with Alan Jackson, another country music heavyweight, added an extra layer of intensity to the song.

  • Patty Loveless (2004): "House of Cash,” Strait’s duet with Patty Loveless, one of country music's most underrated singers, is a beautiful, understated ballad about love and loss. The song was considered both a critical and commercial success.

  • Lee Ann Womack (2005): On “Good News, Bad News,” Strait's smooth vocals intertwine seamlessly with Womack's emotive delivery as the lyrics explore the bittersweet nature of relationships. It reached #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, solidifying its status as a country music classic.

  • Kenny Chesney (2008): "Shiftwork,” an uptempo duet with Kenny Chesney, is filled with catchy rhythms and clever lyrics and explores the challenges and rewards of the unconventional lifestyle of shift workers. The song made it to #1 on the Billboard Country charts.

  • Willie Nelson (2019): Sing One With Willie”, with Willie Nelson, is a duet between two of country music's biggest icons and a tribute to their friendship and shared love of music. The song was a hit, reaching #2 on the Billboard Country charts.

Tour Moments That Made Headlines

Strait announced his “farewell tour” in 2014 but continues to make appearances. You never know when he will officially call it quits, so get your George Strait tickets today, and catch him while you can! Here are a few unforgettable tour moments to help convince you: 

  • Surprise Duet with Faith Hill (2000): Strait and Hill performed "You Look So Good in Love" together for the first time on stage at a concert in Columbus, Ohio, in 2000. The electrifying performance further solidified Strait's position as a country music icon.

  • Duet with Asleep at the Wheel (2005): Strait joined forces with the Western swing band Asleep at the Wheel for a spirited rendition of "Texas Swing" during his "Somewhere Down in Texas Tour" in 2005. The high-energy performance showcased Strait's versatility and his deep connection to the roots of country music.

  • Final Concert at the Texas Longhorn Saloon (2008): In 2008, Strait closed his 33-year residency at the Texas Longhorn Saloon in San Marcos, Texas, with an emotional performance that marked the end of an era. The sold-out show was a fitting tribute to Strait's long-standing relationship with the venue and his unwavering dedication to his fans.

  • Duet with Martina McBride (2009): Strait and McBride joined forces for a powerful rendition of "Give Me a Chance" during Strait's "Troubadour Tour" in 2009. The two country music icons' voices blended seamlessly and left the audience wanting more.

  • Duet with Jimmy Buffett (2010): Strait and Buffett, two of the most iconic figures in country and island music, respectively, teamed up for a fun-filled performance of "Margaritaville" during Strait's "Poets and Pirates Tour" in 2010. The laid-back performance was a crowd-pleaser and a testament to Strait's ability to connect with audiences of all ages and genres.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do George Strait concerts last?

George Strait concerts typically last a few hours. The timing depends on whether or not there is an opening act. In his own set, Strait has been known to sing over 30 songs, so don’t miss out!

Who has shared the stage with George Strait on tour?

Throughout his illustrious career, George Strait tours have featured some of the biggest names in country music, including Dierks Bentley, Patty Loveless, Little Big Town, Brad Paisley, and more.

Are George Strait tickets sold out?

Ticket availability for George Strait concerts is dynamic and can vary depending on the venue, date, and demand. Even if a show sells out, you can often find tickets from trusted resellers at

Does George Strait still tour?

Fans can still experience George Strait live, as he continues to make appearances even after a couple of “farewell tours.” He has been known for extensive touring and has completed multiple residencies. 

What is the best place to buy George Strait concert tickets? offers George Strait tickets listed by trusted resellers. The site is secure and easy to use, and it’s sure to become your gateway to tours featuring your favorite artists as well as other events.

What are the essential items to bring to a George Strait concert?

To enhance your George Strait concert experience, wear comfortable shoes, use earplugs to protect your hearing, and if the venue allows, pack a portable charger for your phone/camera.

Does George Strait always perform with an opening act?

While George Strait is undoubtedly the main attraction, opening acts often accompany him on tour, adding an extra layer of entertainment and excitement to the evening. 

Are food and beverages permitted inside the venue for a George Strait concert?

Policies vary by location, and some prohibit outside food and drinks altogether. Be sure to check the official venue website or event listings for specific restrictions.

Are there any age restrictions for attending a George Strait concert?

Some George Strait shows may be for all ages, while others may have minimum age requirements. Age restrictions can be venue-dependent, so check individual event listings for specific information. 

How much are George Strait tickets?

George Strait ticket prices depend on several factors such as venue, date, seat location, and demand. You can find current pricing and available seats at