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Green Bay Packers Tickets

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The History of Green Bay Packers Football

The legacy of the Green Bay Packers dates back to 1919. Known as one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in the National Football League, the team has been defined by its small-town roots, passionate fan base, and on-field excellence.

In their earliest years, while George Calhoun handled the books, co-founder Curly Lambeau was instrumental in shaping the organization. With Lambeau’s guidance, they secured six NFL championships between 1929 and 1944, laying the foundation for what was to come.

They struck gold again under the leadership of Vince Lombardi. Between 1959 and 1967, they won five championships, including the first two Super Bowls. These victories, spearheaded by Bart Starr and Ray Nitschke, cemented the squad’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Between 1968 and 1990, Green Bay had several notable moments and maintained a strong presence in the league despite not making another appearance in the Big Game. One of the highlights during this era was the tenure of player-turned-coach Bart Starr, who led the Packers to three NFC Central division titles in 1975, 1982, and 1983.

They continued to thrive during the 1990s with head coach Mike Holmgren and superstar quarterback Brett Favre. Their triumph in Super Bowl XXXI reaffirmed the Packers’ status as a powerhouse.

In 2002, the NFL realigned its divisions, and Green Bay became part of the newly formed NFC North. They’ve continued to play at a level that has earned them numerous playoff berths. In 2011, with Mike McCarthy as head coach and Aaron Rodgers at the helm, they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

Green Bay makes every season exciting, and the future looks bright. You can be a part of it! Purchase your Packers tickets now, and be there for the next chapter in their story.

The Packers Football Schedule

With the Packers poised to light up the gridiron, have you picked a game you want to see live? We’ve got up-to-date schedules and event details to help you decide, but we know it’s tough to choose the most worthy matchup.

Green Bay’s rivalry with the Chicago Bears is a historic clash that transcends the field. The battle dates back to 1921, when both clubs were founding franchises in the league with only a short distance between them. Fans fell into line, and a war against the Monsters of the Midway was on.

If NFC North showdowns get your heart racing, you might also want to catch the Packers in action against the Detroit Lions. This is another contentious relationship rooted in proximity, and with divisional standings at stake, you never know what will happen when these guys meet ... You just know it will be good.

Clashes with other notable opponents like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants offer top-tier competition and give viewers a glimpse of potential playoff matchups. Or you might want to check out some of the AFC teams that don’t often play a role in Green Bay’s story. When it comes to Packers football, you can’t really go wrong!

Lambeau Field Information & Parking

Since 1957, historic Lambeau Field has been the home of the Packers. Found right in the heart of Bay City, this iconic venue has witnessed decades of thrilling moments and is steeped in tradition.

The Atrium is the epicenter of the building and features a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. It’s home to the Packers Pro Shop, where shoppers can find a wide array of official merchandise, from jerseys to souvenirs.

On the main floor of the Atrium, guests can visit the Packers Hall of Fame. Since 1996, visitors have raved about this interactive museum! It was the first HoF built for an individual NFL team, and it is a must-visit attraction for fans of all ages. 

The facility holds over 81,000 onlookers, and you'll find seating options to suit every preference. GoTickets provides detailed charts to help you choose your perfect place in the stands. For your convenience, we’ve also included a breakdown of the levels and sections below.

100 Level

The lowest tier of seating at Lambeau Field really allows you to feel the energy of the game! Even-numbered sections are on the home side, and odd-numbered sections are across the stadium on the visitors’ side. 

The Packers' sideline runs along sections 116–120, with the players entering the field through a tunnel below section 131. Sections 115–119 provide views of the visitors’ sideline, and their tunnel located between sections 137 and 138.

It’s important to know that most of the crowd sits on standard aluminum bench-style bleachers. Portable backs can be rented at the gates. Attendees can bring cushions that meet certain requirements, but you’ll need to check rules and regulations from official stadium resources before your event.

Each section has approximately 61 numbered rows, making back rows quite far from the field. Fans enter through a tunnel around row 22 or from the back. The 50-yard line corresponds with section 120 on the home side and 119 on the opposite side.

Sideline seats on the lowest tier of the bowl offer some of the best views. Corner sections provide a fantastic angle, and the front rows in these areas are highly recommended. Behind the end zones, spectators can see scoring plays up close, and the first few rows on each side, where you might be close enough to catch a player in flight, are considered the “Lambeau Leap Zone.”

Club Level

If you prefer to see games in style, consider Club Level seating. Ticket holders receive access to premium amenities and exclusive lounges throughout the venue. Upgrades vary and are subject to change, so be sure to read ticket details carefully for the latest information on upgrades and add-ons.

Above the end zone and right under the video board on the south side of the field, you’ll find the Champions Club. This section is furnished with wide cushioned chairs, a huge benefit at Lambeau Field, and includes access to the Club Lounge. There, guests will find upgraded dining options and TV screens. They’ll also have access to private restrooms—always a plus!

When the weather gets rough, Indoor Club Seats are in demand. They can be found at the 400 and 600 levels on the north side of the field and are accessible through a private entrance with its own elevator. Guests can get comfy in chairs (with backs!) and enjoy upscale food and beverage stations.

Elevated outdoor Club Seats are exposed to the elements but offer chair backs and cup holders. Fans can escape rain, snow, or wind in the warmth of climate-controlled Club Level areas or the Atrium. There, they can keep tabs on the game by watching HDTV screens.

300 Level

Behind the 60+ rows of first-tier bleachers, the 300 level combines decent vantage points without the premium price tag. Sections on this tier are smaller, with about a dozen rows of benches in each. 

Sidelines provide pretty good views, especially from this distance, and the midfield marker lines up with sections  326 on the home side and 419 on the visitors’ side. End zone sections are available as well.

You might notice some revelry going on in the corner behind the general seating area. That’s the Miller Lite Party Deck, where up to 300 fans can listen to live radio broadcasts as they grab drinks and take in the game. Tickets for this section are usually part of special promotions.

400 Level

New areas have been created during recent renovations, and 400-level end zone seating is among them. For the most part, people will be protected from precipitation by the overhanging upper levels, and the front few rows feature chairs with backs.

600 and 700 Levels

If you don’t mind watching from one of the highest points in the arena but would really love a 19” wide chair with a back, the south end zone on the 600 or 700 level might be ideal for you! The small sections on these newer tiers offer easy access to the concourse and cup holders to put your beverages in when you get back to your spot.

Accessibility Options

Lambeau Field is committed to ensuring an enjoyable visit for all fans. Specific areas have been designated for season ticket holders who require wheelchairs and scooters for mobility. Note that ADA seats are no longer sold on an individual game basis. 

Individuals with disabilities must obtain passes prior to entering the facility, and up to three companion seats may be purchased. Transport assistance can be requested. 

All gates are accessible to guests with disabilities, and greeters are stationed at each gate. If you require assistance at any time during your visit, see the Lambeau Field Atrium Guest Services Desk or check with personnel at locations below Sections 109 and 353 or at club and suite-level concierge desks.

A network of ramps, elevators, and escalators has been designed to accommodate all attendees. Elevators are located near the Game Day Store on the west side, at the center of the Atrium, and near the Oneida Nation Gate on the east side.

Passengers can be dropped off on the corner of Shadow Lane and Frank Street, and there is a sidewalk patrolled by police who can assist in an emergency. However, this zone is not recommended for pickups, so arrange an alternate place to meet after the game.

Parking & Alternative Transportation

Parking at Lambeau Field can be limited, so planning ahead is essential. GoTickets offers the option to reserve parking when purchasing your Green Bay Packers tickets, and we highly recommend doing so.

If you’d prefer alternative transportation, the Green Bay Metro Transit provides bus service to the field and might even have special routes available. Additionally, local bars and other businesses sometimes advertise shuttle services.

For those staying nearby, there are plenty of pedestrian-friendly walkways and paths to ensure the safety of fans on foot. Bicycle “parking” is also allowed in designated areas.

Packers Tailgating & Game Day Traditions

The Packers faithful know how to throw a party, and tailgating is a subculture in the Badger State. A sea of green and gold descends upon the streets surrounding the stadium, and parking lots come alive with the sights, sounds, and smells of classic pre-game festivities.

People proudly display their cheese heads, as they make their way to the celebrations of their choice. Johnsonville Tailgate Village is the home of the official event, where live bands play, high-def screens show highlights, and giveaways make some guests feel lucky.

For those looking for something a little different, the Bart Starr Plaza Tailgate Party is an all-inclusive gathering, or you could stop by the Badger State Brewing Company. The Veterans Tailgate Zone welcomes those who have served in the armed forces, and Titletown Gameday Live is typically hopping! 

As kickoff draws near, ticket holders begin lining up at the gates, and the Green Bay Packers Tailgaters Band can be heard all over the venue. Once the game is underway, the spirited singing of "Roll Out the Barrel" is nostalgic, and the crowd loves to join in. 

Have you heard of the Lambeau Leap? It’s one of the greatest NFL traditions! When the home team scores a touchdown, the player who scored will often leap into the stands. Catching a Packer is a right of passage at Lambeau Field.

Now, it’s time for you to take a leap of your own! You know those Packers tickets that have been tempting you? Buy them! And experience Green Bay football at its finest.