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If you're a fan of Latin music or grew up when Menudo was gracing the covers of teen magazines, you're likely familiar with the name Ricky Martin. Tickets for his concerts are selling quickly, but you can save yourself a prime spot at a venue near you right here at We pride ourselves in making it easy for fans to find the seats they want at fair prices, and our buyer guarantee helps buyers feel confident about their secure purchases. So what are you waiting for? Start your search today!

About Ricky Martin

Enrique "Ricky" Martín Morales embarked on his musical journey at the age of 12 when he joined the boy band Menudo. After a fruitful five-year tenure with the group, he took a pivotal step in his career, transitioning to a solo artist with the release of his self-titled debut Spanish-language album in 1991. 

While he achieved notoriety after both his debut and his sophomore effort, it was his third album, A Medio Vivir (1995), that served as a significant breakthrough, especially in European countries. He captured attention with the chart-topping single "María.”

With his electrifying performance of "La Copa de la Vida" at the 41st Grammy Awards in 1999 coupled with the release of his English-language album, Ricky Martin (1999), he was catapulted into international stardom, making him a household name in the pop music scene.

The iconic single "Livin' la Vida Loca" from this album became a worldwide sensation, establishing Martin as a key figure in the Latin pop music movement. His array of accolades includes Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, World Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards, showcasing his versatility and impact across different music genres. 

Martin has been pivotal in bridging Latin music with mainstream pop, bringing Latin rhythms and Spanish language to a global audience. He is poised to continue his influential role in the industry, and his ability to innovate and adapt ensures that his future endeavors will be eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide.

Ricky Martin’s Setlist

Ricky Martin's catalog is a vibrant fusion of infectious rhythms. His studio work seamlessly combines catchy melodies with Latin flair, creating songs that have become iconic. When you see him perform live, the atmosphere amplifies his magnetic presence and leaves fans wanting more. These are ten of the standards he almost always includes in his set:

  1. Livin' la Vida Loca

  2. Vuelve

  3. María

  4. La bomba

  5. Shake Your Bon-Bon

  6. The Cup of Life

  7. Lola, Lola

  8. Pégate

  9. Tu recuerdo

  10. She Bangs

Live Moments That Made Headlines

Ricky Martin has graced stages worldwide, giving the world buzzworthy moments every time he shakes his bon-bon! He never fails to give fans a show to remember, but he’s undoubtedly had some standout sets. These are some of the most talked-about performances of his career:

  • July 1998: In front of the world’s largest sporting event, Ricky Martin performed his song “La Copa de la Vida”, which was written as the official anthem at the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final, the global soccer (or fútbol) tournament, in France.

  • February 1999: Performing among other talents such as Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Madonna, Aerosmith, and many others, Ricky Martin performed his hit “La Copa de la Vida”. The same night, he won his first Grammy for Best Latin Pop Performance for his song “Vuelve”.

  • March 2012: Making his debut in "Evita," Ricky Martin's performance as Che was both powerful and poignant. This would not be the only Broadway appearance by Martin since he also starred in Les Misérables as Marius Pontmercy.

  • August 2014: At the Premios Juventud, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Wisin joined forces for a scintillating performance of "Adrenalina". Hosted at the Watsco Center, “Adrenalina” was featured to a Spanish-speaking crowd.

  • October 2015: A unique moment in Ricky Martin's career came during Taylor Swift's "The 1989 World Tour" at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. In a surprising collaboration, Martin joined Swift on stage for a duet of "Livin' la Vida Loca."

  • November 2019: Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny, and Residente teamed up for a groundbreaking performance of "Cántalo," their newly released collaboration. This memorable event marked the first-ever live rendition of the song and was a highlight of the Latin Grammys in 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Ricky Martin concerts last?

Ricky Martin’s solo concerts can be longer, but when he is part of a collaborative concert, his sets typically last around 60–75 minutes and feature 10–12 songs. 

Are Ricky Martin tickets sold out?

Even if a Ricky Martin concert has been classified as “sold out,” you can often find tickets at, where trusted sellers list their available seats. Every purchase is backed by a guarantee!

Does Ricky Martin tour?

Ricky Martin tours and has shared the stage with many incredible artists, including Enrique Iglesias, J-Lo, Taylor Swift, and Pitbull. Catch him when you can! Reserve your spot at

What is the best place to buy Ricky Martin concert tickets?

GoTickets offers an intuitive platform that makes it easy to find the Ricky Martin tickets you want. Seats are posted by trusted sellers, and every secure purchase is protected by a 100% buyer guarantee.

Are there any age restrictions for Ricky Martin concerts?

Ricky Martin concerts are generally open to all ages, although some locations may have requirements for specific areas. Check the venue’s website for the latest information on restrictions. 

Are outside food or beverages permitted inside the venue for a Ricky Martin concert?

Food and drink policies, as well as other rules and restrictions, vary by location. Before packing up for your Ricky Martin concert, check the venue’s website for information on what is and isn’t allowed.

How much are Ricky Martin tickets?

The cost of Ricky Martin tickets depend on the venue, date, demand, and whether or not he’s performing alone or touring with others. Find current pricing at, your gateway to the hottest concerts.