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About SZA

Born Solána Imani Rowe in St. Louis, Missouri, SZA has emerged as a groundbreaking artist in contemporary R&B and neo-soul. Her journey to stardom began with a series of self-released EPs, leading to her breakthrough debut studio album, "Ctrl," released in 2017. SZA's music is celebrated for its introspective lyrics, innovative soundscapes, and the artist's captivating vocal delivery.

"Ctrl" garnered widespread acclaim and earned SZA multiple Grammy nominations, solidifying her status as a musical force to be reckoned with. Known for her poetic storytelling and vulnerability, SZA explores themes of love, identity, and self-discovery in her music, resonating with a devoted fan base.

10 Songs Often Found on SZA’s Setlist

A powerhouse in contemporary R&B, SZA enchants audiences with her unique sound and captivating stage presence. Let’s delve into 10 songs that consistently show up in her setlist: 

  1. Love Galore

  2. The Weekend

  3. Broken Clocks

  4. Supermodel

  5. Drew Barrymore

  6. Garden (Say It Like Dat)

  7. Go Gina

  8. Babylon

  9. Normal Girl

  10. 20 Something

Live Moments That Made Headlines

These live instances provide glimpses into SZA's undeniable allure and her talent for forming deep connections with audiences. Through her on-stage artistry, she has proven herself to be a magnetic performer.

  • MSG Marvel (November 2017): Making her debut at Madison Square Garden in November 2017, SZA delivered a mesmerizing performance on her Ctrl Tour. With powerful vocals and a captivating stage presence, the critical and commercial success of the show solidified SZA's position as one of the most promising R&B artists of her generation.

  • Spellbinding Set (October 2017): SZA headlined Vevo Halloween 2017 - The Other World, presented by Honda Stage, where her R&B innovation and radical closeness shone. The incredible performance included tracks like "Supermodel" and the captivating "The Weekend" from her debut album, Ctrl,'cementing her as a standout artist of the year.

  • Grammy Stage Brilliance (January 2018): SZA's performance of "Broken Clocks" at the 2018 Grammy Awards stole the spotlight, highlighting her profound artistic depth. Her captivating presence and delivery left an indelible mark on the prestigious ceremony, solidifying her as a memorable force on the Grammy stage.

  • Global Citizen for a Cause (September 2018): SZA took the stage at the Global Citizen Festival at Black Star Square in Accra, Ghana, to use her music to advocate for social change. The festival atmosphere provided a powerful platform for SZA to seamlessly blend activism with her soul-stirring melodies.

  • Billboard Bliss (May 2021): SZA and Doja Cat lit up the stage at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards with a vibrant performance of their hit single "Kiss Me More." The energetic rendition captured undeniable chemistry between the two artists, delighting the audience and propelling the song to greater international success.

SZA Collaborations

SZA has seamlessly woven her sultry vocals and enthralling delivery into a myriad of collaborative works across the music industry. Her artistry extends beyond solo endeavors, demonstrating versatility and creativity in collaborations with various artists. Through these partnerships, SZA has not only showcased her distinctive voice but also contributed to the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, leaving an indelible mark on each project she engages in.

  • SZA and Rihanna (2016): In 2016, SZA collaborated with Rihanna on the song "Consideration," featured on Rihanna's ANTI album. Their musical synergy in "Consideration" showcased SZA's unique style blending seamlessly with Rihanna's vocals, contributing to the album's critical acclaim and further establishing SZA as a noteworthy collaborator in the music industry.

  • Lorde, Khalid, Post Malone, and SZA (2017): The "Homemade Dynamite" remix, featuring Lorde, Khalid, Post Malone, and SZA, marked a star-studded collaboration released in 2017. This remix brought together diverse musical talents, each contributing a unique flair to the track. The fusion of Lorde's original vision with the individual styles of Khalid, Post Malone, and SZA created a dynamic and memorable rendition, showcasing the artists' collective creativity.

  • SZA and Cardi B (2018): SZA's collaboration with Cardi B on the song "I Do" from Cardi B's debut album Invasion of Privacy (2018) was a powerful blend of their distinct styles. The track highlighted SZA's soulful vocals alongside Cardi B's confident delivery, making "I Do" a standout anthem that celebrated empowerment and independence.

  • SZA and Willow Smith (2021): SZA's collaboration with WILLOW on "9" delivered an introspective piece that delves into the desire for closeness tempered by the inhibiting influence of fear and insecurity, offering a poignant reflection on personal evolution and the intricacies of self-discovery.

  • Doja Cat and SZA (2023): Doja Cat and SZA continued their reign as the queens of collaboration in 2023 with their remix of the S.O.S. hit, “Kill Bill.” Teased just hours before release, the collaboration added a fresh twist to the original track. The strength of their musical partnership reinforces the artists' mutual admiration for each other's talent.

  • Drake (2023): Ahead of For All the Dogs, the Canadian-born rapper and SZA joined forces for their first in-studio collaboration, titled "Slime You Out." Released on September 15, 2023, the collaboration is a unique blend of Drake's delivery and SZA's smooth vocals, adding a standout moment to the already acclaimed album.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do SZA concerts last?

SZA's set usually lasts around 90–120 minutes, including an encore. She typically performs 15-20 songs, with the encore featuring additional tracks. Setlists may vary, and the entire concert length depends on the lineup.

Are SZA tickets sold out?

Ticket availability for SZA shows is based on factors that include date, location, and demand. offers valid tickets that need to be resold, even if a show has been advertised as “sold out.”

Does SZA tour?

SZA tours, and has shared the stage with many incredible artists, including Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, and more. Catch her whenever you can! Reserve tickets at

Who are SZA’s stage influences?

SZA draws inspiration from iconic musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, and Ashanti, acknowledging their profound impact on her musical style.

What is the best place to buy SZA concert tickets? offers tickets from trusted resellers and is a secure and easy-to-use platform for finding SZA concert tickets.

Are there any age restrictions for SZA concerts?

Most SZA shows are open to all ages, but check individual locales for specific details as restrictions vary by venue. 

Are outside food or beverages permitted inside the venue for a SZA concert?

SZA concert policies vary. Some venues allow outside food and drinks, but others prohibit it. Be sure to check the official venue website or artist event listings for specific restrictions.

How much are SZA tickets?

SZA ticket prices depend on factors like venue, date, location, and demand. Find current pricing and available seats at