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About Maroon 5

The seeds of Maroon 5 were sown in the halls of a Los Angeles high school. Originally named “Kara's Flowers,” a reference to a teenage crush, the band's early days in 1994 were a far cry from the pop-rock stardom they would later achieve. It wasn't until 2001, after adopting the enigmatic moniker Maroon 5 and releasing Songs About Jane, that the band really hit its stride. 

The album, fueled by lyrics about Adam Levine's ex-girlfriend, catapulted them into the limelight. Their sound, a smooth blend of pop rock and neo-soul, resonated widely, marked by Levine's distinct voice in hits like "Sunday Morning" and "She Will Be Loved." Jams like “Harder to Breathe” and “This Love” showed off a slightly edgier sound.

In the decades since their debut, Maroon 5 has consistently delivered catchy pop anthems. Their diverse musical palette, blending pop, rock, and R&B influences, has resulted in numerous chart-topping earworms like "Moves Like Jagger" and "Sugar," solidifying their position as pop royalty. Their accolades include multiple Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards, cementing their undeniable impact on the music industry.

With over 120 million records sold, Maroon 5 continues to experiment with new sounds. Their collaborations with diverse artists showcase their commitment to artistic evolution. Looking ahead, one can expect innovative music, captivating live shows, and a continued dedication to pushing the boundaries of pop music.

Maroon 5’s Setlist

The band’s catalog is a dynamic fusion of pop, rock, and R&B centered around themes of love and heartache. Songs combine smooth rhythms with infectious hooks, making them perfectly suited for the airwaves. When you catch Maroon 5 live, these are the songs that consistently get fans on their feet, showcasing the band's enduring appeal and vibrant stage presence:

  1. This Love

  2. She Will Be Loved

  3. Sunday Morning

  4. Harder to Breathe

  5. Makes Me Wonder

  6. Moves Like Jagger

  7. Wake Up Call

  8. One More Night

  9. Payphone 

  10. Love Somebody

Live Moments That Made Headlines

In concert, Maroon 5's studio-polished songs are transformed into an energetic and engaging performance. Their ability to infuse live shows with spontaneity and charisma brings a new level of excitement to their well-loved hits.

Over the years, Maroon 5 has delivered shows that have not only entertained millions but also made significant headlines for their impact and memorability. From intimate acoustic sets to grand stadium tours, these performances highlight the band's journey and their connection with fans around the world:

  • Rose Bowl Breakthrough (June 2004): Maroon 5's breakout at the Wango Tango festival showcased their prowess on the big stage. The Rose Bowl was the place where their musical potential was fully unleashed.

  • Live 8 Activism (July 2005): Maroon 5's contribution to Live 8 blended entertainment with activism. Each concert was coordinated as part of a series to raise awareness about global poverty. Their performance in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art helped bring attention to Bob Geldof’s message.

  • Hollywood Harmonies (July 2011): Maroon 5's concert at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring "Sunday Morning," was a testament to their enduring appeal and musical journey. They also joined the incomparable Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac for a version of “Leather and Lace.”

  • Vegas Party Vibes (December 2017): Their New Year's Eve performance in Las Vegas, featuring a hit-laden setlist including "Don't Wanna Know," was a celebratory ushering in of the new year, filled with excitement and fan favorites.

  • Big Game Brilliance (February 2019): Their Super Bowl LIII Halftime performance, a medley of hits, became an epic spectacle with the appearance of Big Boi and Travis Scott. Aside from the music, Levine's shirtless appearance became a pop culture moment.

  • Kobe Bryant Tribute (February 2020): Maroon 5's emotional dedication to Kobe Bryant during their performance at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest, notably "Memories," resonated deeply with friends, family, and fans of the NBA superstar.

Maroon 5 Collaborations

These collaborations underscore Maroon 5's diverse musical approach and their success in integrating various artistic styles into their music, making them one of the most versatile and enduring bands in the contemporary pop-rock scene: 

  • Rihanna (2007): For the remix of "If I Never See Your Face Again" from It Won't Be Soon Before Long, Maroon 5 collaborated with Rihanna. Injecting her R&B style to the track added new energy to the original song.

  • Christina Aguilera (2011): On the hit single "Moves Like Jagger" from the album Hands All Over, Maroon 5 teamed up with Christina Aguilera. This collaboration combined Maroon 5's pop-rock sound with Aguilera's powerful vocals, creating a catchy but complex sound.

  • Wiz Khalifa (2012): The band joined forces with Wiz Khalifa on "Payphone," which saw Maroon 5 venturing into hip-hop territory. Khalifa's rap verses interlaced with the band's mainstream pop style gave the song a unique spin.

  • Cardi B (2018): On "Girls Like You" from Red Pill Blues, Maroon 5 featured Cardi B on a rap verse, adding an edgy contrast to the melody. This upgrade contributed to the song's massive commercial success.

  • Future (2017): On "Cold," also from Red Pill Blues, Maroon 5 collaborated with rapper Future. The resulting track merged Maroon 5's pop roots with Future's trap-influenced hip-hop, highlighting the group's ability to adapt to contemporary music trends.

  • Kendrick Lamar (2016): Maroon 5's work with Kendrick Lamar on "Don't Wanna Know" took their pop-rock style to another level. The catchy melody provided a smooth backdrop for Lamar's distinctive flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Maroon 5 concerts last?

Maroon 5 concerts typically last around 2 hours, including around 18–20 songs during the regular set and an additional 2–3 songs during the encore.

Are Maroon 5 tickets sold out?

Even if a Maroon 5 concert has been classified as “sold out,” you might still find tickets at, where trusted sellers list seats for resale. Every purchase is backed by a buyer guarantee.

Does Maroon 5 tour?

Maroon 5 tours and has shared the stage with many incredible artists, including Janelle Monáe, The Script, The Weeknd, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion. Catch them when you can!

Who are Maroon 5’s stage influences?

Maroon 5's stage presence is a unique blend of influences, drawing from funk, soul, pop, rock, and classic R&B. Adam Levine's energetic stage presence and the band’s banter are key elements.

What is the best place to buy Maroon 5 concert tickets?

GoTickets offers listings from trusted sellers on an intuitive platform designed to make it as easy as possible for you to find the Maroon 5 tickets you want. Plus, every purchase is backed by a buyer guarantee.

Are there any age restrictions for Maroon 5 concerts?

Generally, there are no age restrictions for Maroon 5 concerts. However, some locations may have age limitations for specific areas. Check the official venue website for the most accurate information.

Are outside food or beverages permitted inside the venue for a Maroon 5 concert?

Food and drink policies as well as other rules and restrictions vary by venue. Before packing up for your Maroon 5 concert, check the venue’s official website for information on what is and isn’t allowed.

How much are Maroon 5 tickets?

Maroon 5 ticket prices depend on factors like venue, date, location, and demand. Find current pricing at, your gateway to all the hottest concerts and other events.