Sacramento Kings Tickets

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Mar 07

Thu · 7:00 pm

San Antonio Spurs at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 10

Sun · 3:00 pm

Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 12

Tue · 7:00 pm

Milwaukee Bucks at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 13

Wed · 7:00 pm

Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 16

Sat · 7:00 pm

New York Knicks at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 18

Mon · 7:00 pm

Memphis Grizzlies at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 25

Mon · 7:00 pm

Philadelphia 76ers at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 26

Tue · 7:00 pm

Dallas Mavericks at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 29

Fri · 7:00 pm

Dallas Mavericks at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Mar 31

Sun · 6:00 pm

Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Apr 02

Tue · 7:00 pm

LA Clippers at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Apr 11

Thu · 7:00 pm

New Orleans Pelicans at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Apr 12

Fri · 7:30 pm

Phoenix Suns at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

Apr 14

Sun · 12:30 pm

Portland Trail Blazers at Sacramento Kings

Golden 1 CenterSacramento, CA

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The History of Sacramento Kings Basketball

The roots of this franchise go back to 1923, when the Rochester Seagrams, a semi-professional team, ignited the passion for basketball in the Finger Lakes. In 1945, the club formally joined the National Basketball League (NBL) as the Rochester Royals, capturing the league championship in their inaugural season. 

The NBL and the Basketball Association of America (BAA) merged in 1949, forming the NBA, and the Royals continued to excel, claiming an NBA championship in 1951. Led by iconic players like Arnie Risen and Bobby Wanzer, they captivated onlookers with their fast-paced offense and defensive grit.

In 1972, the team embarked on a new chapter, relocating to Kansas City and becoming the Kings. The squad faced challenges, experiencing periods of drought, interspersed with occasional bursts of success. Despite these setbacks, they had forged a loyal fan base that stuck with them through ups and downs.

However, another move was on the horizon. In 1985, the Kings moved to California, where rebuilding efforts got underway as the organization sought to establish a consistent winning formula. The 2000s brought a resurgence of excitement, and with a dynamic young core, they reached the Western Conference Semifinals in 2002.

Now, the squad is embracing their next stage, and the roster is brimming with talent. A commitment to building a sustainable culture with an emphasis on player development and strategic decision-making has produced an energetic team that plays with intensity. The future is bright, and it won’t be long before championship glory comes to Sacramento. Purchase your Kings tickets today, and be part of the journey!

The Kings Basketball Schedule

The toughest thing about getting to an NBA game is choosing a worthy opponent. The Kings compete in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference, facing off against some of the NBA's most formidable teams. 

They share a longstanding rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Golden State Warriors are a recent dynasty known for their high-powered offense. Sacramento also regularly clashes with other division rivals, which include the Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns. Every game is an intense and unpredictable battle.

Elsewhere in the west, the Kings encounter contenders like the Denver Nuggets, Dallas Mavericks, and Minnesota Timberwolves. These matchups provide opportunities for the Kings to showcase their skills and prove themselves to their conference neighbors.

In the Eastern Conference, the New York Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks, and Boston Celtics are ready to cause some trouble. Interconference play has a different dynamic, allowing teams to test their strategies against opponents with different playing styles and philosophies.

Golden 1 Center Information

The Kings proudly call Golden 1 Center their home. Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, the venue is easily accessible and surrounded by vibrant entertainment options. Additionally, it was designed with fans in mind, so it offers excellent sightlines from every seat. 

Sections behind the benches offer up-close views and include Courtside 3 and Section 108 on the home side and Courtside 2 and Section 106 on the visitors’ side. Those watching their wallet should consider the same location one level up, in Sections 217–219, to get a good peek at player strategy talks.

Sections behind the baskets tend to be a bit rowdier, in the best possible way! Spectators who like to cause a raucous might have a blast in Sections 101–102 and 112–115. If you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice your vantage point, look for availability on the corners. Be sure to check out the seating chart for more details before buying your Kings tickets.


Parking in the area includes the following lots:

  • Golden 1 Center Garage: 500 Capitol Mall

  • Kings Garage: 875 7th Street

  • Downtown Commons Garage: 1515 I Street

  • 7th & J Parking Garage: 707 J Street

  • 701 K Street Parking Garage: 701 K Street

  • J Street Parking Garage: 814 J Street

  • Capitol Mall Parking Garage: 1230 Capitol Mall

Finding a spot in Downtown Sacramento can be tough during events, so consider booking a parking pass at the time of your purchase.

Alternative Transportation

Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) operates light rail and bus services in the area. The arena is conveniently located near the 7th & Capitol Station, providing easy access for travelers using public transportation. Additionally, some hotels and other businesses in the area offer shuttle services.

Ready for Your Kings Game?

From the moment you enter the arena, pre-game festivities set the stage for an unforgettable event. The pulsating beats of the drumline reverberate through the building, guiding you to your seats as the Kings Dancers mesmerize the crowd with their synchronized moves. Slamson the Lion roams the court, interacting with fans and adding to the palpable buzz.

As the lights dim, over 17,600 attendees wave their purple glowing rally sticks, and the team introductions begin with a booming voice welcoming people to the center. As each name is called, one by one, a surge of excitement culminates in a thunderous ovation.

With the anticipation reaches a fever pitch, it’s time for tip-off, and the game is underway. With every pass, shot, and rebound, the audience reacts in unison. “Oohs” and “awws” travel around the bowl like waves of emotions, and it's impossible not to get caught up in the excitement. 

This is the true essence of NBA basketball. Being at a game is an experience that will stay with you long after the final buzzer sounds. Find the seats of your dreams, and make them a reality. Get your Kings tickets today!