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The History of Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball

Originally established in the 1960s as the SuperSonics, this NBA team moved to Oklahoma City in 2008. The organization quickly embraced its new identity, adopting a more menacing name and bold color scheme. Despite a turbulent journey and the loss of key players, the Thunder attracted the attention of basketball fans in the Midwest and beyond, just as the owners had hoped. 

Two of the biggest decisions that set the squad on its proper path were the signings of Kevin Durant in 2007 and Russell Westbrook in 2008. Under their leadership, the club quickly rose to prominence, making their first playoff appearance in 2010.

In 2011, they made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals but fell to the Dallas Mavericks in a devastating loss. The following season, they dusted themselves off and got back to business, reaching the Finals again. This time, it was the Miami Heat who sent them home without the crown after a closely contested series.

2016 marked a turning point, as Durant departed for the Golden State, and Russell Westbrook, the 2017 MVP, was traded to the Houston Rockets. Rather than continue to falter, the front office opted to begin a rebuilding period and focused their attention on drafting and developing young talent.

The team has shown signs of promise in recent years, making it to the NBA Play-In in 2022. Given the number of rising stars, fans have hung on to see what their franchise has in store. With Thunder tickets in hand, you can witness the future unfold from the stands.

The OKC Thunder Basketball Schedule

Choosing the right opponent can be challenging, but things are heating up in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference. It includes the Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, and Portland Trail Blazers, and any one of those clubs has the potential to liven up the court.

There’s still some bitterness felt by fans when it comes to Portland. The rivalry goes back to the team’s days in Seatown when proximity was a factor. Additionally, the Thunder still has scores to settle with the GS Warriors and the Houston Rockets in the West.

Competition against Eastern Conference teams offers a peek at potential Finals face-offs. Plus, for basketball aficionados, it’s fun to see some of the original NBA clubs like the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks. Interdivisional games are a clash of playing styles and cultures, making them very interesting options.

Paycom Center Information

When home, the Thunder plays at Paycom Center in Downtown OKC. The venue offers a variety of events, including big-name concerts, family entertainment, holiday shows, and arena football. Over 18,200 fans can choose from a variety of seating options based on their preferences and budgets.

The 100 level offers incredible views, particularly at mid-court at the backs of sections 105 and 106. Don’t overlook corner seats, though! The views are sometimes better than you can find along the lower baselines, especially if you’re on the short side. The team sits in front of section 117, and section 114 is behind the opposition’s bench.

Those looking for the best value should start their search on the upper levels, where you can find comparable views at more affordable prices. The 200 level provides an elevated perspective, but families might prefer sections 318-–322 which are close to concessions and kid-friendly attractions.


Vacancies around Paycom Center can be tough to find during events, but GoTickets gives buyers a chance to book parking passes at the time of their Thunder ticket purchase. If you’re planning to look for places upon arrival, you can try the following: 

  • Century Center Public Parking Garage: 100 W. Main Street

  • Dowell Center Parking Garage: 433 N Harvey Avenue

  • Sheridan Walker Parking Garage: 501 W Sheridan Avenue

  • Metro Parking Garage: 321 Robert S Kerr Avenue

  • Bricktown Garage Parking: 222 E Sheridan Avenue

Alternative Transportation

If you’d prefer not to drive to the venue, consider the Embark Bus System, which has multiple routes in the vicinity. An OKC Streetcar could also connect you to the area from various districts downtown, or you could go with a healthy and eco-friendly option and use OKC's Spokies bike-share program and cycle to the center.

Ready for Your Thunder Game?

Attending a game at Paycom Center is unforgettable. The building comes alive as Rumble the Bison engages little ones with his usual antics, the Thunder Girls and O’City Crew keep the crowd pumped, and the drumline sets the cadence. Once the players take the court, the excitement reaches a fever pitch. 

Feel that energy! Get your Thunder tickets today, and head to the arena for your ultimate NBA experience.