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The History of Portland Trail Blazers Basketball

The Trail Blazers were established as an expansion team in 1970, but their early years were marked by struggle. They finished last in their division in each of their first four seasons, but the squad began to show signs of improvement in the mid-1970s. Then, in 1977, they made their first playoff appearance. The Blazers defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA Finals that year, becoming the only franchise in NBA history to win a championship in their first-ever visit to the postseason.

The club remained a contender throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, making the playoffs in 21 consecutive seasons from 1983 to 2003. That’s the second-longest streak in NBA history! They also reached the NBA Finals in 1989-1990 and 1991-1992 but lost to the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, respectively.

Portland struggled in the early 2000s, but they made it back to the playoffs in 2003 and have consistently earned playoff berths in several seasons since. Still, a second crown has remained out of their clutches. Will you be there for the next big moment? Start your search for Blazers tickets today!

The Trail Blazers Basketball Schedule

The most difficult thing about planning a trip to an NBA game is deciding which matchup to attend. With 82 options every season, the possibilities seem endless! Of course, there are always some pairings that are more intriguing than others, and certain battles bring the drama. 

Back when the Oklahoma City Thunder played as the Seattle SuperSonics, they had a rivalry with the Blazers that was rooted in proximity. Pacific Northwest supremacy was on the line! However, since the Sonics made their move to OKC, things have quieted down between the teams.

Portland has only encountered the Thunder once in the playoffs, with the Blazers defeating their old frenemy in seven games. Since both are in the Northwest Division, they do see a lot of each other, and you never know when things might heat up again.

If you’re interested in divisional duels, the Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets are names that have been tossed around with the word “contender” as of late, making them key encounters for Portland. Either would be a quality pick, and the results have the potential to shake up the standings.

If you’re looking outside of the Northwest and want to see a club with a rich history, immense talent, and a chance at the title, turn your attention to the Sacramento Kings or Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference or the 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, or Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

Moda Center Information

The Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, in downtown Portland, opened in October of 1995 and is home to the Trail Blazers. With a capacity of 19,393, it is currently the largest arena in the PNW. In addition to hosting NBA games, this versatile venue is used for Winterhawks hockey, figure skating competitions, concerts, family entertainment, and more.

The best sections for fans who want to get a good peek at the players’ benches are 101, 102, 122, 201, 202, and 230. The home team sits in front of Section 122. These areas, as well as sections 111-113 and 215–217, also provide great views at mid-court. 

You might get a slight price break if you purchase tickets behind the baskets, but corners provide a broader perspective of the whole floor, particularly when you’re on one of the upper levels. 300-level corner seats tend to offer great views at budget-friendly prices.

Sections 301-306 and 401-406 are good choices for families. For fans looking for the best value, the upper-level seats in Sections 321-326 and 421-426 offer great views at a reasonable price.


The three official parking lots for Trail Blazers games are as follows: 

  • Moda Center Garage: 100 N Drexler Drive

  • Rose Quarter Parking Garage: 100 N Drexler Drive

  • Pioneer Courthouse Square Parking Garage: 854 SW 3rd Avenue

Finding a spot can be stressful on event days, so we recommend reserving one in advance. GoTickets offers buyers the opportunity to do so when they purchase their Portland Trail Blazers tickets.

Alternative Transportation

The Moda Center is situated across the river from downtown Portland, making it easily accessible via public transportation. TriMet operates bus services in the area, and the streetcar system has a stop near the venue.
Additionally, the MAX Light Rail system serves the Portland metropolitan area, and the Moda Center is conveniently located near the Rose Quarter Transit Center. Fans can use MAX Blue, Green, or Red Lines to reach the venue.

Ready for Your Blazers Game?

The moment you enter the Moda Center, anticipation is in the air. You follow the sounds of the pre-game festivities to your seat, where you spot Blaze the Trail Cat and Douglas Fur interacting with kids across the floor. 

The BlazerDancers move to the music in the arena, and their positive vibe is pumping up the crowd. As you take it all in, the lights begin to dim. A booming voice comes over the loudspeaker as video footage begins to play on the big screen. “Rip City, are you ready?”

Tip-off gets the main event underway, and now, with each possession, the atmosphere changes. Shocking plays elicit gasps, and every miss makes people grumble. Fans jump to their feet when points are scored by the home team! The bowl is full of emotion, with thousands of spectators collectively hoping for a win.
Being at a game is an incredible experience, but why settle for reading about it when you can be a part of it? Buy Blazers tickets, and feel the energy of live NBA action!