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Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Basics

  • Current Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

  • Current Division: NCAA Division I

  • Last NCAA Championship Title: 2019

  • Cheerleading Squad: Virginia Cheerleading

  • Dance Squad: Virginia Cavaliers Dance Team

  • Band: The Cavalier Marching Band (CMB)

  • Drumline: UVA Drumline

  • Mascot: Cavalier

  • Fan Chant: "Wahoowa!"

  • Team Colors: Orange and Blue

The UVA Basketball Schedule

Each game on Virginia’s schedule is not just a contest of skill and strategy but a showcase of deep-rooted rivalries, contrasting styles, and the sheer thrill of the sport. The Cavaliers, known for their deliberate and defensive style of play, are set to face opponents that bring diverse strengths and challenges to the court, creating a dynamic and unpredictable season for players and fans alike.

Key Cavaliers Competitors

  • Virginia Tech: These teams share a fierce in-state rivalry known as the "Commonwealth Clash." What sets this matchup apart is the intense passion and pride that fans from both sides bring to the arena. Virginia Tech's focus on offense challenges Virginia's defensive stronghold, making each encounter a heated and eagerly awaited event.

  • University of North Carolina: The Tar Heels play fast, offering a stark contrast to Virginia's slower, more thoughtful style. Known as the "South's Oldest Rivalry," this matchup dates back to 1910, making it a true classic.

  • Duke University: This matchup often features top-tier talent on both sides, making it a showcase of future NBA stars. Duke is known for its fast-paced, high-scoring style, and their battles with the Cavaliers have produced legendary moments. It's a classic rivalry where the drama unfolds on the court, making it a must-see for any basketball enthusiast.

  • Louisville University: The Cardinals bring a fast-paced, high-scoring game to the court, often relying on their athleticism and agility. This matchup showcases the rich tradition of college basketball, with both teams boasting passionate fan bases that create an electric atmosphere. This matchup means every possession matters.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology: The Yellow Jackets rely on solid defense and a methodical style of play, making them a tough opponent to crack. The history of these encounters is marked by memorable moments and upsets, making each game a chapter in the ongoing story of this unique rivalry.

John Paul Jones Arena

The Cavaliers men’s basketball team plays at the John Paul Jones Arena on campus in Charlottesville. The facility is named after Paul Tudor Jones, an alumnus and donor who wanted to honor his father. Since 2006, it has hosted up to 15,219 for basketball games, and "The Hoo Crew," adds to the lively game-day atmosphere. 


Multiple lots surround the arena, but spaces are claimed quickly during events, so arrive early! We highly recommend reserving parking when you purchase your UVA basketball tickets. This service is designed to simplify the arrival process for fans, so you can concentrate on getting to your seats!

Alternative Transportation

The University Transit Service operates bus services, and specific routes connect to the vicinity of the venue. Check with UTS for the latest schedules and routes. Additionally, Charlottesville has bike-friendly areas and pedestrian-friendly paths.

Notable University of Virginia Basketball Players

When you’re looking out at the players on the hardwood, remember that any one of them could be the next NBA superstar, international basketball icon, or Naismith Hall of Famer. This list highlights some of the top athletes from the UVA athletic program who went from college hoops to professional sports careers: 

  • Wally Walker (1972–1976): After leading Virginia to its first ACC Tournament Championship, Walker was drafted 5th overall in 1976 by the Portland Trail Blazers and was part of the Trail Blazers' 1977 championship team. His NBA career spanned several teams, building on his successful collegiate career.

  • Ralph Sampson (1979–1983): Sampson’s time at Virginia included notable awards such as the three-time National College Player of the Year. Sampson was selected 1st overall by the Houston Rockets in 1983. A four-time NBA All-Star and the 1984 NBA Rookie of the Year, his impact on the court was monumental.

  • Bryant Stith (1988–1992): Stith, selected 13th overall in 1992 by the Denver Nuggets, played a decade in the NBA. His scoring ability and solid defense, which he showcased at Virginia, translated well into his professional career.

  • Malcolm Brogdon (2011–2016): Drafted 36th overall in 2016 by the Milwaukee Bucks, Brogdon became the 2017 NBA Rookie of the Year. His efficient scoring and playmaking skills, honed at Virginia, have made him a valuable player in the NBA.

  • De'Andre Hunter (2016–2019): Virginia won the 2019 NCAA Tournament under Hunter’s leadership. This earned him the 4th overall draft slot in 2019 by the Los Angeles Lakers who traded the pick to the Atlanta Hawks. Hunter's defensive skills and scoring ability have translated well as an efficient NBA forward.

Ready for Your Virginia Cavaliers Men's Basketball Game?

Now that you know more about the Cavaliers of days gone by and have scoped out the adversaries the current team will face in the near future, we hope you're ready to grab those Virginia men’s basketball tickets. The energy of a live crowd is unmatched, and the memories made at a game will last a lifetime!